A: You can find our address on the contact page.

A: To comply with the performer’s contracts, recording equipment of any kind (including smart phones) are prohibited during the performance.

A: Tickets are non-refundable. However, if it is possible, we may be able to reschedule your reservation to another date or issue you a credit. Additional cost may apply if the tickets are not the same price as the originally purchased ticket. Rescheduling cannot be done on date of show, and credit will have an expiry date of 3 months.

A: All Tickets are non-refundable. However, we will be more than happy to reschedule your reservation to another date or issue you a ticket credit. Additional cost may apply if the tickets are not the same price as the originally purchased ticket. Rescheduling cannot be done on date of show, and ticket credits never expires.

A: Whether you purchase your tickets online or at the venue, the ticket price will be the same. Service fees and tax still apply.

A: Doors close at 7:45pm for the early show and 10:15 for the late show. However, to get the full experience, we recommend arriving as early as possible. Our doors open one hour before the performance starts. 7:30pm shows open at 6:30pm. 7:00pm shows opens at 6:00pm. The doors for our second show performances on Friday and Saturday open at 9:15pm.

A: Since our establishment is first come, first served, it is best to buy your tickets in advance so we can do our best to sit everyone together. The best way to do this (if everyone is paying separately) is to set up a group name by calling the box office. Then, have each member in the group call in advance to purchase their tickets under that group name. By keeping your tickets in a ‘group,’ it allows us to reserve a table for you in advance.

A: The shows that have ‘Special Presentation’ after their name, simply means we cannot accept coupons, passes or discounts for these shows due to contractual reasons. These tickets usually cost more than our regular ticket prices.

A: Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy is open everyday except Monday! Box office opens at 2:00pm Tuesday to Thursday, Friday 2:00pm, Saturday at 2:00pm and Sunday at 4:00pm. Times may differ if it is a holiday.

20% automatic gratuity is added to groups sizes of 6 or more. It does not matter if just one bill or bill is individual bills.

A: Comics change their act all the time. You are seeing a live show- often one that might play big off audience participation and/or general interaction. We feel that the best way of gauging whether or not the comic is an act you’ll like is to get general feel for their style using resources such as Youtube to find clips of past performances. If an act is known to be a bit more ‘edgy’ than normal, we will put a content warning on our website. We take pride in bringing the best talent to our stage from North America, but we do not censor our comedians.

A: Tickets may be purchased online on our web site, calling our box office at 480.420.3553 or in person at the club.

A: Yes we take debit and all major credit cards in the showroom.

A: The House of Comedy has a full menu complete with appetizers, entrees and desserts.

A: We do have a 2 menu item minimum in the venue. The item can be food or any beverage.

A: Seats cannot be held. Groups of 8 or more will have reserved seating otherwise it is first come first serve seating.

A: Yes! If you have ANY special needs including issues involving mobility, vision, hearing, etc… please let us know in advance and we’ll make the necessary accommodations to make your visit a success!

A: Yes! We will often include special, exclusive offers to our Facebook friends and Twitter followers (the links are at the bottom of this page). If you’re employed in the Hospitality Industry, get in FREE Sunday nights with valid payslip/badge. Generally, discounts are excluded during any show that is labeled as “Special Presentation” or “Concert Series”. Discounts are only for prepaid tickets, if you have a specific question about eligibility for any of these discounts, please give us a call!

A: We sure do! Join our Birthday Club and get a free invite for your birthday. We also do something for Stags and Stagettes. Just contact our box office at 480.420.3553.

A: We have seating for 300 people. If you do have a large group best to book as soon as you know how many are attending so that your group can all be seated together. Group reservations will be taken until 4:00pm of the show date.

A: We can do buffets for large groups no problem. Just contact us at 480.420.3553 and we will tell you about the menu and how to book.

Persons of the age of 15 years and up are permitted to the early shows if accompanied with someone 18 years or older. The late performances are 18 years and older. Please note we do not censor our performances so material may not be ages.