Talking Comedy and Music Comedy

Acclaimed Improv comedians and musicians David Milchard and Ken Lawson have brought joy and laughter to hundreds of thousands of people around the globe for over 15 years. They’ve also been rocking out in bands and writing songs all of their lives. 


Having been inspired by such giants as Flight of the Conchords, Tenacious D, Steve Martin, Zach Galafankis, Reggie Watts and Adam Sandler, they combined both of their loves and created David & Ken’s Talking Comedy & Music Comedy; a hilarious blend of audience inspired conversational comedy punctuated by absurd, spontaneous songs with world class guitar playing. 


What gives David and Ken the right to do this? Who do they think they are?


As members of the Canadian Comedy Award winning The Comic Strippers: a male stripper parody and improv comedy show, they’ve created a huge and loyal fan base independently selling out theatres throughout North America for the past eight years. The Vancouver Sun called it “The most hilarious show I’ve ever seen”.


They’ve performed to accolades at improv festivals in Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, Seattle, Edmonton, Regina and as Second City and Vancouver TheatreSports alumni they have appeared with improv legends Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles. 


They’re on tv...a lot. As film and TV actors they have appeared in Altered Carbon (Netflix), Supernatural (CW), Flash (CW), Hater’s Back Off (Netflix), Arrow (CW), Descendants (Disney), the Man in The High Castle (Amazon), Peter and Bob Farrelly’s LouderMilk, iZombie (CW), Adventures In Babysitting (Disney), Psych (USA), Fringe (FOX), Sanctuary (SYFY), Smallville (CW), Arrow (CW), Hallmark movies,Tim Burton’s Big Eyes, Robert Redford’s The Company You Keep, The Package (Netflix), Neill Blompkamp’s OATS and more.


To top it off, David is an internet sensation who co-created and starred in You Tube’s Convos With My 2-Year-Old (125+ million views) and Ken once opened up for Nickeback! 


David & Ken’s Talking Comedy & Music Comedy, a ridiculously absurd and joyful show that will make you feel good about stuff!
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