Funniest Person with a Day Job

Well we've made our way to New Westminster to begin our Funniest Person with a Day Job Contest. This is our 1st year doing Funniest Person in the beautiful Columibia Theatre and we hope that it becomes a success for years to come.

If you have a day job and think you're funny this is the contest for you. Oh yeah if you win, we will give you a cool $1000.00.

Anyone can enter, all you need is Five Minutes of original material. It can be anything as long as it gets the laughs you're good. 

Each week for 6 weeks we pick 3 finalist to go to our semi-finals. The Contest starts April 7th and goes until the final on May 19th

There will be Celebrity Guest Judges and will be hosted by Paul Brown from 96.9 Jack Fm.


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